In the past 20 years, a land has outperformed all other traditional asset classes in terms of increases in value. The solid, physical nature of this investment means that it is far less likely to experience devaluation. Land investment in the UK has shown better average growth with less downside volatility. Therefore, a land is a solid investment for the conservative risk-conscious investor. A land is a finite resource and the scarcer the commodity, the more valuable becomes.

Strategic land in the UK is now a more compelling investment than at any point in the history. This remarkable market trend is set to continue. For Trafalgar Properties, rather than just a product, we consider as a ‘safe haven’; either you being a newcomer or an experienced investor in the industry.

Although investment plots for sale never come with guaranteed planning permission, Trafalgar Properties only sell land in highly targeted areas, where land specialists considered having a strong development potential. Even without planning permission, land in green belt is a broadly recommendable commodity. Increasingly people realize the potential windfall of a granted permission land, where plots expand – as does their value.

The value of a land investment can increase ten-fold once outline planning permission has been granted


Title Deed Issued byUK Land Registry

Land is an Easyto Understand Investment

100%Freehold Investment

Zero Taxes &Zero Maintenance

Any Nationalitycan Invest

Full Title up to4 Owners

The area in Melling Parish Proposed for inclusion in 

The Maghull Neighbourhood Development Plan Area

"The government is investing over £10 billion to support housing target plans in the region, and the demand can be supplied by potential sites like Green Lane."

Site Geographic Coordinate:53.521306, -2.955722

Green Lane is located in Maghull, a civil parish within the Borough of Sefton; Merseyside, Liverpool City surroundings. Our site is is situated between Green Ln and Bells Ln, Maghull / Liverpool / Merseyside L31 8BQ UK.

The land is in private ownership, situated in a premier and highly accessible location and bordered by existing neighborhoods. The government is investing over £10 billion to support housing target plans in the region, and the demand can be supplied by potential sites like Green Lane.

With Green Lane, Trafalgar brings you closer to what matters in investments: safe returns in reasonable time.


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Top Reasons why investing in the UKis profitable in comparison to other countries

  • The easiest place to establish and run a business in Europe.
  • Low tax rate environment for foreign investors
  • One of the most flexible labour markets in Europe.
  • Least barriers to entrepreneurship in the world.
  • World leader in innovation.
  • Strong transport links
  • Leading Financial Center.
  • One of the most stable political environments to do business.
  • Easy Property Registration.
  • The UK is home to top 6 universities in Europe.
  • Gateway to the EU market
  • Strong Communication Network.
  • Rapid productivity growth.