If you are looking to start your first investment journey in 2019, Liverpool has become the number one investment destination for foreign investments. In a recent study by HomeTrack, Liverpool was not only named as the most affordable city in the UK but also the UK property market’s fastest growing city.

An economy worth more than £121 billion and 252,000 businesses, Liverpool is the 2nd largest economy in UK. Liverpool welcomes approximately 75 million visitors per year which makes it as a tourist destination and a global attraction for business. Over 28,000 skilled people are employed in the business services sector across Liverpool, the city is a hub for international trade boasting one of the most active ports in the UK.

In comparison to other cities in UK, Liverpool generates attractive returns for the investors in the property market and also there is a real shortage of houses in the Liverpool which is good news for investors to buy lands and construct affordable houses. As more and more young people are coming to the UK for education, there is an expected rise in the house rents and also as per JLL report the rents in Liverpool will rise by 17.6% by 2022, and property price growth of 19.3% over the same period.

The city is currently undergoing a £14bn overhaul led by the city council, with so many redevelopment and regeneration projects in the pipeline. It is expected to benefit from 30,000 new homes by 2030, a new stadium for Everton Football Club, an additional cruise terminal, £250m of road infrastructure and two million square feet of commercial office space. There are also early plans for a high-speed railway to Manchester and Leeds, which could make Liverpool much more accessible and attractive for business investment.

With numerous projects on the go and also its top investment returns potential for both capital appreciation and rental yields, Liverpool is the best place for buy-to-let landlords and real estate investors. Because of its growing economy, vast student and young professional population and huge investment prospects for the future makes Liverpool as a top consideration for any discerning property investor looking for their next opportunity.

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