The UK is the leader of foreign investment in Europe. The UK is a hotbed of activity for foreign investment in Europe, especially from American companies. The UK offers vast business opportunities for investors. Low labor costs and high returns make it an attractive investment destination.

Top Reasons Why Investing In The UK Is Profitable In Comparison To Other Countries:

  • The easiest place to establish and run a business in Europe
  • Low tax rate environment for foreign investors
  • One of the most flexible labor markets in Europe
  • Least barriers to entrepreneurship in the world
  • World Leader in Innovation
  • One of the most stable political environments to do business
  • Easy property registration
  • The UK is home to top 6 universities in Europe
  • Gateway to the EU market
  • Strong communication network
  • Strong transport links
  • Leading financial center
  • Rapid productivity growth

The UK has 65 million potential consumers and is the fifth largest economy in the world. It also attracts more foreign investment than any other European country and also it is the easiest European country to do business, according to the World Bank. The UK is ranked 2nd in the G20 Global Innovation Index. Lot of Companies choose to move or expand their businesses to the UK because it’s an ideal location. More companies locate their headquarters in the UK than anywhere else in Europe.

The UK is now more crowded than any other major country in the EU. With 402 people for every square kilometer, the population density is four times that of France and in the next 20 years will be double that of Germany. The government is interested in providing reasonably priced housing for the hundreds of thousands of people in the U. K. who can’t afford a home. All these factors made UK a good destination for investors to get high returns compare to other countries.

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