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Use this form if you are not a conveyancer or UK financial institution and you are sending one of the following applications to HM Land Registry:
• transfers (whether or not for value)
• transfers and deeds relating to the appointment or retirement of trustees
• leases (whether or not for value) that are being registered
• charges (mortgages) that are being registered
• discharge of a charge in form DS1
• release of a charge in form DS3
• surrenders of leases
• most voluntary and compulsory applications for first registration where the title deeds have been lost or destroyed
• all other applications for compulsory first registration
• any person who is a party to one of the above transactions who is not represented by a conveyancer

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Use this form to transfer part of a registered title – for example where a house and garden are registered under one title and you want to sell part of the garden.
You will need to attach a plan to the form TP1 identifying the land being transferred. For details of our plans requirements please see guide overview of HM Land Registry plans.

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Once document is signed and payment completed the client will be receiving completion letter

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